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Mind Technologies, Inc. (OTC: MTEK.PKNews), is providing an update to shareholders regarding the progress of the Company’s business and corporate filings. The Company has been in the process of completing two years of audited financials to become a fully reporting company. The process is very close to being finished and the audited financials will be filed with the SEC upon completion. Additional disclosure documents are being prepared simultaneously by the Company’s law firm, which will be filed with the audited financials for the purpose of being listed on the OTC BB.

The Company is working diligently to accomplish this goal in the shortest time frame possible. Though the exact time of completion cannot be predicted, the Company expects to file with the SEC this month. Once the documents submitted are approved, the Company will make a formal announcement to all shareholders.

The Company’s business has not been delayed by the filings. The development of our patent pending micro EEG headset is moving quickly, with prototypes received and tested. The device has produced the EEG signals we were looking for and communicates effectively with the Android tablets tested. The device will enter the design phase shortly, with the final prototype expected to be revealed this year.

About Mind Technologies, Inc.

Mind Technologies, Inc. develops software for thought controlled technologies, allowing the user to interact with the computer and other machines through the power of the mind. The technology involves the use of a wireless headset, which detects brainwaves on both the conscious and non-conscious level. This revolutionary neural processing technology makes it possible for computers to interact directly with the human brain. The Company creates medical applications and video games that are controlled by the power of your mind.


Investor Conference CallMind Technologies, Inc.  (OTC Pink: MTEK), has scheduled a shareholder conference call on Thursday, August 25th, 2011 at 1 pm PDT. The details for the conference call are as follows:

Conference Call Dial-In: (605) 477-2100
Participant Access Code: 994112#
Time: 1 pm PDT / 4 pm EDT

The Management of Mind Technologies will provide a personal update on the Company’s progress regarding the filing of Form 211, as well as progress made on the development of the Company’s proprietary EEG headset.

Mind Technologies announced today that the Company has retained The Law Offices of William M. Aul as securities counsel, to guide the process of completing form 211 in a timely, efficient manner. William M. Aul is an experienced securities attorney with over 30 years practicing law and is an adjunct professor at California Western School of Law.

The Company has also retained the accounting services of Rachael Boulds, CPA, formerly with HJ and Associates, a PCAOB auditing firm. Rachael Boulds, CPA has an extensive background in working with publicly traded companies and the auditing processes involved. The new accounting firm will provide quarterly financial statements for Mind Technologies going forward and assist in the process of becoming a fully reporting company.


Mind Technologies Reports Taking Steps to Regain Tradability

August 3, 2011

Mind Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: MTEK), reported today that it is taking steps to regain tradability on the OTC Market. The Company’s management has been diligently working to engage a new accounting firm and a new law firm to assist it in these efforts. At the same time, the Company has been working to evaluate [...]

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Mind Technologies Plans to File Form 10 With the Securities and Exchange Commission

July 19, 2011

Mind Technologies, Inc.  (OTC Pink: MTEK), announced today that it plans to file the Form 10 with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Company is in the process of engaging new independent accountants for the preparation of the Company’s 2009 and 2010 fiscal year end audited financial statements and preparing the Form 10 that the [...]

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Mind Technologies, Inc. Files Patent for Advanced EEG Technology

June 30, 2011

Mind Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: MTEK), announces the progress of the Company’s proprietary EEG headset and is providing an update on the Company’s Form 2-11 submission. Mind Technologies has paid for and filed a comprehensive patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office relating to the new design and function of the Company’s advanced [...]

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Mind Technologies, Inc. Provides Update on MTEK

June 21, 2011

Mind Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: MTEK) is providing an update to shareholders regarding the trading of MTEK. As of today, the ten day trading suspension is over. The Company must now file Form 2-11 with FINRA through a registered broker dealer and have the filing approved, in order to be deemed as having provided “Current [...]

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Mind Technologies, Inc. to Begin Filing Quarterly Financials

June 7, 2011

Mind Technologies, Inc. (Pink OTC: MTEK), announced this morning that The Company will begin filing quarterly financials to provide shareholders updated, current information. The Board of Directors resolved to this action as a result of receiving a ten day temporary trade halt on MTEK. The Company is finalizing first and second quarter financial statements, to [...]

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Mind Technologies, Inc. Signs Funding Agreement for European Subsidiary

June 3, 2011

Mind Technologies, Inc. (Pink OTC: MTEK), announced today that additional funding has commenced through their European subsidiary, Mind Solutions, Inc. which is traded on the Deutsche Borse Stock Exchange. Mind Solutions, Inc., with a market cap in excess of $50 million is a majority owned subsidiary company of Mind Technologies, Inc. Mind Solutions, Inc. has [...]

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Mind Technologies Inc. Developing Revolutionary EEG Brain Computer Interface

May 24, 2011

Mind Technologies, Inc. (Pink Sheets: MTEK), announces the progress being made on The Company’s proprietary EEG/ BCI headset, which is currently in development. With The Company’s mission to become the world leader in EEG/ BCI technology, Mind Technologies assembled a world-class team of scientists to guide the process of developing a state-of-the-art headset that would [...]

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Mind Technologies, Inc. Completes Name and Symbol Change

May 12, 2011

Mind Technologies, Inc. (Pink Sheets: MTEK), announced this morning that the name and symbol change is now complete. The symbol for the Company has changed from “JEDM” to “MTEK” to better reflect the name and business of the Company. This news is very significant to shareholders due to the fact that the Company’s CUSIP number [...]

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